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We believe in a welcoming atmosphere, nurturing and challenging classes, clean studio space and facilities, and a commitment to the greater Greensboro community through outreach, inclusion and encouragement.


welcome   to   rhy

You need a mat, towel, and water. THE COURAGE AND VULNERABILITY to look yourself in the eye and begin a radical practice of self-care. 

“Start a Revolution… Let it begin as you breathe in.” Ma Muse

Every Body Every Day

We welcome EVERY BODY who wants to join us on the mat

-- all ages, all levels, all abilities, all sizes, all races, all ethnicities, all genders, all orientations, all EVERY BODY.

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class descriptions

One breath at a time,
one day at a time. 

Our teachers will greet you when you arrive, make you feel comfortable and confident, and lead you through a practice that will be challenging, nurturing, mindful, and ultimately empowering.

Our class descriptions will help you choose which class to begin with. Then, either Book a Class or Show up!

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our   intro   offer

Limit one free visit per person &
one free guest per class.


For first-time students only: unlimited yoga for 7 consecutive days.

Bring A Friend For Free!!

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what   you'll   need

*Free Fruit after class on weekends!*
**Mats, towels and clothing for purchase coming soon!**


You need a YOGA MAT, full-sized TOWEL, and WATER for classes

Mat rental: $1
Towel rental: $1
Complimentary Mat & towel for your first class

Deer Park $1
Popsicles $1
Smart Water $2
Coconut Water $3 

UpDog Kombucha
Cup $5
Growler Refill $10 
Growler bottle $2

what we have

show   up   for   class

Classes start on time!

 Call in advance if you’re running late. 336-282-6332

Our room has a 27 person capacity

12 spaces are available for Show Up Drop-Ins

Evenings and weekends are our busiest classes

Reserved spots will be forfeited 5 minutes 
prior to class time to waiting walk-ins

All discounts are only available through our 
RHY app or when you Show Up in the studio

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what   to   wear

We do not allow “underwear” to be worn as yoga clothes. Women should wear athletic bras designed as outerwear, and men may need to have loose shorts over some compression briefs. You may be asked to change or leave at the teacher’s discretion if your attire is inappropriate.

You want to wear as little as possible while still being appropriately covered.

We don’t care if you get your yoga clothes from the high-end designer specialty shops or thrift stores -- clean, covered and comfortable are all that matters!

Tank top or t-shirt             Compression shorts                Specifically designed

Sport / yoga bra                 Tank top or t-shirt            Shorts, capris or leggings




You want your yoga clothes to be relatively form fitting and stretchy -- fitted tank tops vs baggy cotton t-shirts, compression shorts vs basketball baggies.

All of our classes are done barefoot, and you will be asked to remove your shoes in the lobby (we don’t care about your pedicure!)

 with (optional) outer layer shorts


 yoga shorts

Sport / yoga bra
 Tank top or t-shirt
 Shorts, capris or leggings

Tank top or t-shirt
 Compression shorts with optional outer layer shorts
Specifically designed yoga shorts


Please remove your shoes in the lobby

Sign in at the front desk

Set up your mat so that everyone has enough personal space and can see themselves in the mirror

Please leave all belongings and valuables -- purses, bags, clothing, etc -- in the cubbies in the back and changing rooms

Cell phones and smart watches are not allowed in the yoga room. Please silence your ringer to not disturb others in our small space

Water, mat and towel are required for practice.

Please keep conversations in the lobby and back, to let folks use the yoga room for meditation.

Please don’t be “extra” in your practice. Keep it simple.

Please do the postures instructed, as instructed, with the group.  Do your “own” practice before, after, or at home.

Please stay in the room, except for reasonable toilet breaks.

Please, no talking during practice, unless spoken to by the instructor.

Follow along, do your best, stay in the room, and have a good time.

Please limit your use of fragrances, including scented hair, skin and bath products, as heat and sweat can increase their intensity