IMPORTANT information
when creating an account

1. If you have never been to RHY before, please follow the prompts to create a new account
2. If you HAVE taken class at RHY but never logged in on your own, please follow the prompts to "recover" your password, and make sure that the email you are using here is the same as the email we have registered for you in our system.
3. If you have taken class at RHY and logged in to our system before, please use the same email and password that you have set up before.
4. If you need to register someone else for class, or pay for someone else, etc, please click this link to go to our full functionality MBO site.
5. Still having problems? email: and we will help you get logged in!
6. If you're logging in from your mobile device, we highly recommend you install the MBO app!

Common Problems:
1. We don't have an email address for you entered into our system
2. The email we have for you is different than the one you are currently using
3. The email we have for you has a typo in it
If any of those issues apply, please send an email to, and we will make the necessary corrections and get you registered for class.

We allow for unpaid class sign-ups.  In order to do this, you will need to click the link to go to the full functionality MindBody Site. ALL discount rates can only be purchased IN STUDIO.  To book a class unpaid, go to our MindBody Site site and pay when you get to the studio.

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